KCA raising funds for microbial paper

Kihei Community Association is raising funds to sponsor the follow-up paper on Maui Water Quality, an Assessment of Microbiological Data.

The recent news on pollutants in the ocean water we love is shocking, but we still don’t know which areas are unsafe to swim in or if they are getting better or worse.

Let’s get the data analyzed!

We have scientists ready to process the ocean samples collected by the
Department of Health. We need your help to make it happen. Your tax-
deductible donation to the KCA Water Quality Study will help get us there.

KCA Announcement

Neil Rhoads will be speaking at the first KCA meeting of the year on January 17, 2017, at 6:30:

  • … Our finale is scientific researcher Neil Rhoads to offer a first hand update on the KCA-sponsored research project to determine the quality of our marine waters that Neil and his research partner Mailea Miller-Pierce have begun.
  • This will be the first study addressing the effect of the near shore water condition on HUMAN health. (Have you donated?)


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